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Binyan Ha'aretz is a registered contractor that specializes in special engineering work such as reinforcement of structures in carbon fiber sheeting, reinforced fiberglass ceilings, complex diamond drilling works and the installation of chemical and mechanical anchors in complex projects with problematic accessibility and tight timetables.

Binyan Ha'aretz has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of construction engineering and non-destructive testing for the identification of constructive components in buildings - an important tool that helps to find unique solutions in real time, taking into consideration the specific sensitivities and needs of each project.

Binyan Ha'aretz employs professional and skilled personnel, with advanced engineering capabilities, with an emphasis on creative thinking.
Furthermore, the Company uses and develop advanced technological devices and command and control systems that ensure the high quality and efficient work.
In addition, all of the Company's employees have high security clearance for work in security facilities.


The engineering analysis, design, flexibility and creativity capabilities of the company enable it to cope with complex problems and offers special solutions tailored to the unique problems of each project.


Binyan Ha'aretz offers its customers:

תמונה - 1 Strengthening buildings using carbon sheets
תמונה - 1 Strengthening buildings using carbon fivers
תמונה - 1 Strengthening “Palkal” buildings
תמונה - 1 Bonding and post-bonding alertness
תמונה - 1 Drilling and installing anchors
תמונה - 1 Strengthening buildings using carbon sheets
תמונה - 1 Hydraulic engineering missions
תמונה - 1 Strengthening using epoxy injections
תמונה - 1 Concrete restoration
תמונה - 1 Strengthening factories and water reservoirs against earthquake

Binyan Haaretz




Binyan Ha'aretz has proven experience in all of these areas

Our uniqueness:


 Adherence to extremely tight schedules

 Creative thinking for solving complex problems

 Work continuity and operational flexibility

 Employees with security clearance


 Proven experience in building customized tools and devices for complexes projects

 Proven experience in complex high-altitude jobs

 Binyan Ha’aretz has innovative technologies, dedicated control and monitoring software, measurement and identification devices and a wide array of drilling machines of various types, giving it advanced performance capabilities and full technological availability.



The toolbox of Binyan Ha'aretz includes:




תמונה - 1 Extensive fleet of HILTI diamond drilling machines
תמונה - 1 Dysotomat and measuring instruments for precise work
תמונה - 1 Unique control systems
תמונה - 1 Height work Equipment
תמונה - 1 Producing laboratory for CFRP sheets
תמונה - 1 Laminats attachment machine
תמונה - 1 “Palkal” inner Geometric characterized system



Contact us for more information:

Ha’melacha 6, Lod, Israel

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